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Partner Group (Left to Right): Katie Knoll, Megan Faulkner, Curtis Root,

Marla Coffman, and Whitney Manwarring

Our history dates back to 1928, with the sole proprietorship of Harry A. Houston, CPA, known as Houston & Associates, in Paris, IL. Morris E. Kemper joined the firm in 1946. C. Donald Larsson was admitted to the partnership in 1952.

In 1958, that partnership was dissolved, with Houston and Larsson forming a new partnership which retained offices in Paris and Mattoon and continued to be known as Houston & Associates. Lincoln J. Woodyard became a partner in 1959, followed by Eddie R. Henson in 1961. 


After Mr. Houston's retirement, the remaining partners changed the firm name to Larsson, Woodyard, & Henson. All three of these partners have retired.

With a staff of approximately 25, we currently have offices in Paris, Casey and Tuscola, Illinois.


Larsson, Woodyard & Henson, LLP draws upon our experience and expertise as Certified Public Accountants to earn the status of most-trusted advisor. We provide innovative solutions while focusing on client needs, quality, professionalism and timeliness.


To be the most trusted, respected and sought-after Certified Public Accounting firm, fostering a culture of growth, professionalism, collaboration and value for work performed while accomplishing the ultimate balance between superior client service, a focus on family and the financial success of the firm.

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